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Mohammed Dahlan is a Palestinian politician, the leader of Fatah in Gaza. Dahlan was born in 1961 in Khan Younis refugee camp in Gaza to a refugee family from Hamama. In 1981 he helped found the Gaza branch of the Fatah Youth Movement Fatah Shabiba; in the following years he was imprisoned in Israeli jails on several occasions for his involvement in resistance against Israel. In total, he was jailed for five years. In 1993, he was involved in secret talks with Israel which eventually culminated in the Oslo Accords of 1993. For his role in these talks, he was given the position of security chief in the newly created Palestinian Authority, enjoying widespread popular support. In this role, he continued to negotiate in several subsequent talks, such as the Camp David 2000 Summit.

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Mideast Peace: What Went Wrong & How to Fix It

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