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Jane Regan is a writer and documentary filmmaker who lived and worked in Haiti for ten years. In the US, Regan produced and associate-produced numerous documentaries, mostly for the US Public Broadcasting System (PBS), including the one-hour Dog's Best Friend and for two series, Americas and Local Heroes, Global Change. She was also director of the Haitian Information Bureau in Haiti (former publisher of the biweekly Haiti Info), of Somerville Community Access TV in the US and she also taught and developed courses for University of Massachusetts-Boston Community Media & Technology Program. Over the past 20 years Regan contributed to scores of newspapers and magazines as well as several books. While in Haiti, Regan wrote for Interpress Service, Latinamerica Press and others. Regan was co-recipient of the 2004 Sam Chavkin Prize for Integrity in Latin American Journalism and finalist for the 2004 Rory Peck Award for Hard News.

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Wide Angle Series: Unfinished Country

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