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Felicity Harley is the executive director of the World Affairs Council of Connecticut. Felicity Harley has an extensive professional background that combines 30 years of national and international experience as a senior manager and Chief Executive Officer in nonprofit institutions, and is currently the Executive Director of the World Affairs Council of Connecticut. Felicity Harley was educated in Great Britain and the United States. She is a published writer and poet.

7 Programs

Amal Elsana Alh'jooj at the World Affairs Council

11.07.08 | 00:51:45 min | 3 comments

Michael Klare: Rising Powers Shrinking Planet

04.22.08 | 01:18:41 min | 0 comments

Illegal Immigration: How Cities Are Coping

03.12.08 | 01:31:20 min | 1 comment

The Japanese Consul General Mr. Yoichi Suzuki

02.28.08 | 00:49:25 min | 0 comments

Russia and the United States

10.10.07 | 01:00:08 min | 0 comments

Wide Angle Series: Unfinished Country

05.30.06 | 00:56:32 min | 1 comment

Wide Angle Series: An Honest Citizen

04.10.06 | 00:50:56 min | 0 comments
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