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Tony Gilland is the Science and Society Director at the Institute of Ideas. Tony directs the IoI's programme on scientific and medical controversies, particularly in relation to genetics, medical science and public health. He has programmed many symposiums, and edited several books on the subject. Most recently, Tony initiated the Science Education Project, investigating the state of science education in the UK. The project has thus far resulted in a book edited by Tony, What is science education for?, which generated widespread coverage. Tony was recently quoted in The Guardian in response to the evaluations of the new science GCSE. Tony has also written widely on the problem of risk aversion and defensiveness about scientific experimentation, contributing an article, 'Trade War or Culture War? The GM Debate in Britain and the European Union' to the book Let Them Eat Precaution. Tony is National Coordinator of the IoI's acclaimed Debating Matters competition for sixth-form students, now in its third year.

4 Programs

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The Science and Politics of Climate Change

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Barriers to Science in the 21st Century

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Debating Matters: Cultural Artefacts

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