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Robert Krulwich covers science for National Public Radio and is Co-host of NPR's "Radiolab." His specialty is explaining complex subjects—science, technology, economics – in a style that is clear, compelling and entertaining. For several decades he was a correspondent at ABC and CBS News plus he hosted PBS’ Frontline, Nova Science Now and a BBC cultural show, "The Edge." TV Guide called him "the most inventive network reporter in television." He has explored the structure of DNA with a banana, created his own Italian Opera "Ratto Interesso" to explain how the Federal Reserve regulates interest rates, he pioneered the use of new animation on ABC's Nightline, World News, and on NPR's Internet site to explore cellular biology and subprime lending.

3 Programs

Choosing to Be a Human Reference Standard for HGP

04.25.13 | 01:09:19 min | 0 comments

Steven Johnson and Kevin Kelly at the NYPL

10.18.10 | 01:21:56 min | 0 comments

Science and the Public Sphere

07.03.07 | 01:11:14 min | 1 comment