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Michael D. Lemonick is an associate editor at Time magazine, which he joined in 1986 as a staff writer responsible for the science, environment and space sections. He has written cover stories on the great supernova of 1987, superconductivity, vanishing beaches, the Soviet space program, and climate change. In 1988, he became executive editor of Discover magazine but returned that year to Time as an associate editor, writing on Antarctica, Alaska, particle physics, and dinosaurs. Prior to joining Time, he was a senior editor at Science Digest magazine. His book, The Light at the Edge of the Universe, is an account of the lives and work of modern cosmologists.

2 Programs

Science and the Public Sphere

07.03.07 | 01:11:14 min | 1 comment

The Role of Science

07.03.07 | 01:13:33 min | 1 comment