Speaker - Megan French

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Megan French is a PhD student in Communication at Stanford. She is interested in how people understand online environments and how one’s perceptions affect the way they engage and relate to others within cyber-social systems, such as social networking sites, online dating sites, and peer-to-peer platforms. Her work focuses on people’s expectations surrounding their interactions online, including expectations for response when posting on social media, as well as people’s beliefs about the role of algorithms, such as the Facebook News Feed, in mediating those online interactions. Social Media Folkonomies Megan’s work on folk theories of social feeds has examined people’s implicit beliefs about how the Facebook News Feed and Twitter feed operate. Leveraging people’s use of metaphors, she has found that there are four core folk theories for social feeds that tap into people’s evaluation of a system, how they think the system works, and their beliefs about the system’s intent.

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Human Sense-Making of Engineered Systems

04.20.17 | 00:32:40 min | 0 comments