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A nationally recognized scholar and expert on issues of diversity and equity in higher education and K‑12, Dr. Robert W. Simmons III has shared his expertise throughout the United States. As a member of the diversity and equity collaborative Edchange, Robert has been asked to comment on issues of race and equity on numerous media outlets including CNN. Under his leadership in the DC Public Schools as the first Chief of Innovation & Research, Robert was the chief architect of the nationally recognized initiative Empowering Males of Color. Under the framework established by the White House’s My Brothers Keeper initiative, the work associated with Empowering Males of Color in DCPS developed a pre‑K through 12 approach to supporting African American and Latino boys in Washington DC. As a result of this work, Washington DC was recognized, along with Detroit and Oakland, as one of leading cities working to improve the lives of males of color. Prior to joining the DC Public Schools, Robert was the founding director of the Center for Innovation in Urban Education, a tenured professor of urban education and science education, and associated faculty member in African and African American Studies program at Loyola University Maryland. Additionally, Robert had a joint appointment as a research associate at the Baltimore Education Research Consortium at Johns Hopkins University. Robert currently serves as a senior strategy consultant for the Campaign for Black Male Achievement.

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