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Jared is an Englishman in New York. A self-confessed design and technology geek who has been creating things with computers since that fateful day in a sunny beer garden when his dad swapped a black and white portable television for a Sinclair ZX81*. Since his role at Fitocracy combines his three biggest passions of design, fitness and technology, he's really very excited about it. Unless you enjoy three-hour long conversations about fitness, psychology and the larger social impact of the quantified self, you'd probably best avoid talking to him. He's one of those odd people who enjoys lifting things and running fast. Prior to joining Fitocracy, Jared was a Creative Director at top New York agency, The Wonderfactory, where he helped design some of the world's largest websites. When Jared isn't wearing his tie, he dabbles in photography, film-making and is a keen collector of contemporary art and peanut butter.

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Round Table

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Jared Cocken

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Day 2 Roundtable

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Jared Cocken

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