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Shawn Peters is a storyteller who has happened to have many careers and a long road in between stories. The many lives have included a stint in Corporate America, a Partnership in a thriving IT company, a partnership in a Record Label, a music festival founder and curator, finally he has landed where he intended to after graduate school, as a filmmaker and Director of photography. Shawn began his formal higher education at Morehouse College where he was an English Major along with studying Cinematography with the legendary Dr. Ikelberg. He went on the get a full scholarship at the University of South Carolina to pursue a MA in Media Arts and Photography. It’s a long story how Shawn left filmmaking in his 20s to go into business and how he returned in his 30’s to pursue his original love. He started shooting music videos for artists like Pharoahe Monch, Blitz the Ambassador, Meshelle Williams, Bilal, Kendrick Lamar, and D’Angelo. He has worked on narrative features and shorts with Terence Nance, Sebastian Silva, and Raafi Rivero that have premiered at the Sundance, The Rotterdam International Film Festival. Berlin Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, and Toronto International Film Festival.

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The Art of Dying Young

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