Speaker - Haki Madhubuti

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Haki R. Madhubuti is a major poet, essayist, editor and publisher throughout the Black Arts Movement was born in 1942 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Madhubuti has published several collections of poetry, including Think Black, Black Pride, We Walk the Way of the World, Direction score: Selected and New Poems, Book of Life and Don't Cry, Scream. In addition to his poetry collections, Madhubuti also published a collection of critical essays entitled, Dynamite Voices: Black poets of the 1960s. Madhubuti's work is particularly acute about charting the growth of Blackness within the individual conciousness. Through his work, Madhubuti has become a major influence on African-American writers and a leading political voice for black awareness and pride. His emphasis on self-reliance and social protest have gained him prominence as a lecturer and speaker for more than 30 years.

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