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Arthur Jafa is best known for his work as a director and cinematographer, working on such films as Crooklyn (1994), Seven Songs for Malcolm X (1993), and Daughters of the Dust (1991). Jafa directed the films Deshotten 1.0(2009), Tree (1999), and Slowly This (1995). In addition to his work on films, Jafa has also published essays on black cultural politics in Black Popular Culture (1992) and Everything but the Burden: What White People Are Taking from Black Culture (2003) and speaks frequently on the complexities of a black aesthetic as well as the potentialities of black cinema. Jafa studied at Howard University, Washington DC, and his work has been shown at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (2001); Media City, Seoul (2000); Black Box, CCAC Institute, Oakland (2000); Artists Space, New York (1999); Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland (1999); and Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada (1999).

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Conversation with Haile Gerima and Arthur Jafa

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