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As of May 1, 2016 I will be joining ISP as VP of Marketing, Research and Product Development. That’s just a fancy way of saying that I am mainly charged with assisting ISP Tech nutrient users with improving marketable crop yields. To that end, I will be performing applied research into nutrient application, developing new nutrient materials and refining nutrient programs. I’ve been working for Penn State Cooperative Extension as a vegetable / small fruit educator/ researcher since 1997 and before that was the non-traditional crops consultant for the University of Maryland. My brother and I operated a greenhouse, nursery, landscape business in Maryland for just over 11 years after I completed my degree at the Univ. of Maryland. I plan to bring my experiences to improving your horticultural crop production. As I come on board at ISP, I’m planning on creating a steady stream of articles on various aspects of horticultural crop production, and even have a new ISP product that should be nearly ready for growers to use in the way of a chelated magnesium (Mg) combined with silicone (Si). The chelated Mg is a highly available form that should really help with feeding tomatoes, peppers and melons during their early fruiting phases when it’s a real challenge to keep enough Mg flowing into the plants. We at ISP are extremely excited about introducing Si containing products into the marketplace as there is substantial research that supports the notion that more Si in plant tissue will help to reduce many plant diseases and even deter certain insect pests. As a long time crop consultant, I will also be providing plant diagnostic service support to ISP growers and dealers.

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Biocontrol of Tomato Diseases

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