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Tara received a graduate degree in Health Economics and a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Monash University with first class Honours. She joins CEA fresh from the field, after visiting 33 countries for work and travel. On her most recent assignment, Tara worked on redesigning oncology care in Bhutan with the Australian Red Cross. She has a background in healthcare consulting where she developed efficiency improvements saving 2 million dollars and countless lives in Australian hospitals.

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Tara MacAulay: Past, Present and Future of EA

08.07.16 | 00:15:55 min | 0 comments

Past, Present and Future of EA

08.07.16 | 00:56:15 min | 0 comments

Data-Driven Movement Building

08.07.16 | 00:55:19 min | 0 comments

Aggregating Knowledge

08.07.16 | 00:54:05 min | 0 comments