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Greg Poirier is the president of CloudKettle, a Salesforce consulting partner that specializes in helping startups improve their lead and sales pipeline. Early in his career, Greg introduced digital marketing at a national cinema chain, rolling out its first social media campaigns, e-commerce strategies, mobile ticketing and couponing initiatives. The first technology company Greg joined was Radian6 (later acquired by Salesforce), where he was leading and implementing their online lead generation activities. He later joined TitanFile and then Livelenz, where his knack for creating efficiencies helped expand his role to chief operating officer. Greg mentors at the Volta Startup House and teaches on the subject of digital marketing and sales for startups.

3 Programs

Qualifying and Working Leads

06.14.16 | 01:04:12 min | 0 comments

Understand Marketing Qualified Leads

06.14.16 | 01:07:04 min | 0 comments

Sales Pipeline: Management Through Measurement

06.14.16 | 00:35:37 min | 0 comments