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Ryan Green is intimately familiar with the narrative power of gaming. Green is a Cofounder and developer at Numinous Games, the studio behind this year’s heartbreaking indie game That Dragon, Cancer. Green crafted the autobiographical game as way of capturing the emotional highs and lows of raising his son Joel, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer at twelve months old. As a programmer and 3D artist, Green has been developing mobile apps and games for the better part of 15 years through his own studio, Media Greenhouse. Prior to that, Green worked for Soma Games as a developer lead for two years and DaVita, a dialysis provider, for 10 years as a developer and software architect. At DaVita, Green was one of the lead architects of Falcon EHR, a medically certified nephrology-focused electronic health records tool, designed from the ground up by technology experts and nephrologists.

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The Game from Grief

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