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Roy Pea is the David Jacks Professor of Education and the Learning Sciences at Stanford University, Co-Founder and Faculty Director of the H-STAR Institute, Director of the PhD Program in Learning Sciences and Technology Design, and Professor, Computer Science (Courtesy). Since 1981, Dr. Pea has been exploring how information technologies can support and advance the scientific understanding and practices of learning and teaching, with particular focus on topics in science, mathematics, and technology education and their associated symbolic and communicative interchanges that are integral to learning. Dr. Pea has contributed to building a number of interdisciplinary research centers and complex projects that engage researchers, educators, and industry leaders in collaborative design partnerships for uses of learning technologies. His research centers on how innovations in computing and communications technologies and affiliated socio-cultural practices can influence learning, thinking, and educational systems. Two major lines of research are: (1) developing a new paradigm for everyday networked video interactions for learning and communications (http://diver.stanford. edu), and (2) investigating how informal and formal learning can be better understood and connected, as Co-PI of the LIFE Center ( funded by the National Science Foundation as one of several large-scale national Science of Learning Centers.

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Sense-Making & Making Sense: Powerful Ideas

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