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Cynthia Krauss is a Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies and the Social Studies of Science and Medicine at the University of Lausanne. She works on the neuroscience of desire and the brain’s role in defining sex, and on topics of sex development disorder (DSD), gender dysphoria, and others. She is also developing a research program that aims to bring the sciences and the clinic together through NeuroGenderings III, a “Dissensus Conference” on the brain and gender. Her research experience includes fieldwork in a fly genetics laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley (1998-2001), ethnography on the clinical management of intersex in the context of surgical missions in West Africa (2010-2011), and directing a project on the history of the teen brain (April 2011 to August 2014) and the history of sexology (March 2015 to October 2016), funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF).

2 Programs

Roundtable Discussion: Exploring Gender and Perception

06.20.15 | 00:30:32 min | 0 comments

Backstage: Exploring Gender and Perception

06.20.15 | 01:29:23 min | 0 comments