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Dominique Grisard is director of the Swiss Center for Social Research, lecturer in Gender Studies at the University of Basel and Honorary Visiting Fellow at City University London. From 2011 to 2014 she was a Visiting Scholar at London School of Economics, Columbia University, The Graduate Center at the City University of New York, the New School for Social Research, and the University of Chicago. Grisard is presently working on two book-length projects: “Pink,” which weaves a history of gender, sexuality, and (skin) color through and around the color pink (funded by the University of Basel and the Swiss National Science Foundation); a second project entitled “Bedroom Cultures. The Public Life of Intimacy” interrogates changing notions of intimacy and privacy. Her long-standing research interests are the history of terrorism, sexualities and intimacies in prisons, criminology, and popular culture. In addition, she is preparing the “Skin Color Reader,” an anthology of seminal work on the theme of skin color. Her long-standing research interests have been the history of intimacy and sexuality in 19th to 21st century European prison, criminology, and popular culture.

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Roundtable Discussion: Exploring Gender and Perception

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Backstage: Exploring Gender and Perception

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