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Ira Shorr leaves 'em laughing. By day, he is a diligent opponent of nuclear weapons. By night, he is comedian extraordinaire. His satire entertains and also sheds light on the struggle to bring sanity to foreign policy. Shorr is currently National Field Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), a network of citizens, doctors, and other health care professionals and an affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, winner of the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize. As an alternative to military aggression, PSR is promoting a SMART Security program - Sensible, Multilateral American Response to Terrorism. He has served over the past 20 years in key positions for SANE and Peace Action and was founding director of Back from the Brink, a coalition of 40 national arms control organizations working to get nuclear weapons off hair trigger alert From 1994-1996, he was Senior Producer of America's Defense Monitor, the Center for Defense Information’s PBS documentary program. Ira Shorr, during these 20 years, has performed political satire and improvisational comedy, including his character Senator Jess Trussme, an "ultra-compassionate" conservative who provides a wealth of misinformation. Shorr believes now is a good time to expose how misinformed people are about the reasons for the U.S. military occupation of Iraq. It is hilarious Truth in Humor when he talks about ending DUMB security – Divisive, Unilateral, Militaristic, and Bound to Backfire policies.

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Political Humor and Political Reality

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