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Born in Israel and raised in Texas, Ori Brafman has been a lifelong entrepreneur. Ori holds a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. As an alumnus, Ori has facilitated an MBA course on interpersonal dynamics at the Stanford Business School. When he was still in college, he co-founded Vegan Action, which successfully launched a network with thirty-six national and international chapters. He brought vegan foods into numerous college dining halls. Since then, Ori has led marketing campaigns for UC Berkeley's Young Musicians Program, prevented fast food companies from advertising in schools, led marketing efforts for a healthy fast-food startup, and been a founding team member of Courtroom Connect, a courtroom technology company. Together with Rod, Ori co-founded Global Peace Networks, which catalyzed a network of CEOs working on conflict resolution and economic development in Africa and the Middle East.

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The Cult of the Amateur

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