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Amber is a Physician Assistant with a background in rescue and remote medicine. She has been guiding and celebrating wild rivers the world over for nearly a decade. A wild woman with an insatiable thirst for undiscovered places, she thrives on the dusty cracks of foreign cities and swirling currents of untamed rivers. Day Job: Expedition & Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Passions: Keeping wild rivers wild, laughing uncontrollably, dancing back flips. Our Favorite Dirty Secret: Amber is an expert jowler who has been perfecting her distorted facial expressions for decades. What is jowling you might ask? The act of rigorously shaking one's head side-to-side and pushing air through one's lips while taking an image of said face(s).

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Kayaking Siberia's Untamed River

04.02.15 | 00:19:35 min | 0 comments