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Floyd Landis is an American cyclist. He is a time-trial specialist as well as a climber. Landis turned professional in 1999 with the Mercury Cycling Team. He joined the US Postal Service team in 2002, and moved to the Phonak Hearing Systems team in 2005. Landis is still officially the winner of the 2006 Tour de France, the third American to do so (after Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong), though he is not considered by Tour officials to be the champion and his status as champion may be subject to change. Landis failed a drug test which indicated a ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone of 11 to 1 (the legal limit is 4 to 1) and the presence of synthetic testosterone during one stage of the race and he is expected to have to forfeit his title.

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Floyd Landis talks about Positively False

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