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Sara Arnold aka Sahra Kant is a hard-working drug policy advocate and activist committed to ending the persecution of pregnant women and parents (of all genders) for cannabis use in criminal or civil matters. She is one of two people in Massachusetts and one of very few reformers who speaks on this issue throughout the United States. A dual-citizen born and raised in Massachusetts, she has been increasingly and extensively active in the drug policy movement since her teens on local, national and international levels. Her leadership positions have included Media Contact (Scotland) for the UK’s Legalize Cannabis Alliance (now CLEAR), Director and Social Media Maven for MassCann/NORML, and Mass Grass newspaper as Family Issues Columnist. She is currently on the board of Students for Sensible Drug Policy‘s national Outreach, Recruitment & Diversity Committee (SSDP ORD) where she is Vice-Chair, and is Co-Founder of the Family Law & Cannabis Alliance (FLCA). She has appeared at a number of drug policy conferences and festivals including DPA’s Reform conference as well as several universities and law schools. Involved with a wide intersection of organizations on marijuana-related family issues, her panel at Harvard was one of National Advocate for Pregnant Women‘s “Reproductive Justice Moments of 2012.” Sara is a mother of two little girls. She has faced CPS three times (thus far) for medical marijuana use.

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Panel: Overcoming Stigma and Discrimination

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