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Lisa is a lawyer and television legal analyst whose first book, On Your Case, helps women understand the legal issues that arise at every stage of their lives. After receiving her law degree from New York University, Lisa practiced law at a prominent New York firm where she helped clients with a wide range of problems, from children who needed to be legally emancipated from their harmful parent so they could be adopted by a loving foster family, to major media companies who wanted to assert their intellectual property rights in the digital age. Lisa then moved to NBC News, working first as a lawyer, then as a news producer and on-air legal analyst discussing controversial issues of national importance, including bullying, harassment and other topics pertinent to women at work and at home. Over time, Lisa began to counsel friends and family who were navigating personal legal issues, and tackled some of her own, including a divorce. And she discovered that life brought every woman her share of legal questions, ranging from adoption and school issues, to teen troubles, employment and issues related to aging parents. Lisa wrote On Your Case to make sure women could address these situations with confidence, armed with crucial information that would help them make the best decisions for themselves, family and friends.

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Lisa Green: On Your Case

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