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Carol Ward is interested in the evolution of humans and our closest relatives, apes and monkeys. Her research focuses on fossils from East and South Africa, primarily Kenya. She takes a mechanical approach to the interpretation of the postcranial skeleton, and uses these principles to reconstruct the behavior of extinct animals. Her overall research goal is to understand human origins. Dr. Ward's current areas of research involve fieldwork in Kenya searching for Pliocene fossil hominins. She is co-director of the West Turkana Paleontology Project through the National Museums of Kenya, and is currently working at Kanapoi, Kenya. She is also studying a great radiation of apes that lived about 18 million years ago. She is studying the evolution of their body plan, particularly the torso, to reconstruct the way they moved and the evolutionary history of the apes. She is the Director of Anatomical Sciences at the University of Missouri, Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences, College of Medicine.

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The Shape of Human Evolution

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