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I am an ecologist and the Lead Scientist at Earthwatch, USA. My responsibilities include developing strategic initiatives to explore key environmental sustainability issues and establishing partnerships with principal investigators. In my ecological research I focus on wolves and fire in Rocky Mountain ecosystems. I have a master’s degree in conservation biology from Prescott College, a PhD in Forestry and Wildlife from Oregon State University. I am a Smithsonian Research Associate, a Boone and Crockett Club professional member, and Black Earth Institute Scholar/Advisor. My first book, The Wolf’s Tooth, was published in 2010 by Island Press. My second book, The Carnivore Way, was published by Island Press in May 2014. I am currently writing a book about climate change, Taking the Heat: Wildlife, Food Webs and Extinction in a Warming World. I am the nonfiction editor for Whitefish Review. For two decades I lived with my family in a remote, wild corner of northwest Montana. I currently live in Concord, Massachusetts, near Walden Pond.

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Carnivore Way: Conserving America's Predators

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