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Vanessa Kerry is a physician and the co-founder and CEO of Seed Global Health (formerly Global Health Service Corps). Having worked in resource-limited settings for over a decade, she has witnessed health inequities in many places in the world and how shortages of indigenous providers in their home countries contribute to those inequities. She envisions a solution where the growing number of US health professionals interested in global health serve as educators and faculty in these countries to build a pipeline of in-country providers. The innovative program gains efficiencies through a public private partnership between Seed Global Health, the Peace Corps and the countries where the volunteers serve.

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Power of the People

06.06.16 | 00:26:37 min | 0 comments

Vanessa Kerry and Anthony Fauci with Mary Louise Kelly

09.30.15 | 00:18:59 min | 0 comments

Vanessa Kerry: Fresh Out Of Medical School. What's Next?

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