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German artist Julius von Bismarck won the top prize at Ars Electronica in 2008 for a device he called the Image Fulgurator, a hacked camera that injected stealth images into other people’s photos. While he considers himself an artist, and not a scientist or technologist, his work often features a heavy technical component and several of his projects make references to math and science. For Public Face I, he mounted a giant neon smiley face in Berlin which changed expression based on an estimate of the city’s mood, drawn from algorithms that analyzed peoples’ faces on the street. In 2012, von Bismarck took part in Collide@CERN, a two-month residency in which he worked with theoretical physicist James Wells on his lumino-kinetic installation Versuch Unter Kreisen. Von Bismarck is currently finishing his graduate work at the Institute for Spatial Experiments in Berlin. - See more at:

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