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Judy Brown became the Chief Adviser, Stakeholder Engagement for the Rio Tinto Group in 2011. In this role she leads the implementation of a strategic framework across the company to enhance Global Stakeholder Engagement. This includes building capacity to analyze and anticipate the external environment, develop sustainable strategies and leadership models.Judy Brown started her career at Rio Tinto in 2000 Director, Federal Government Relations, for five Rio Tinto subsidiaries and leading U.S. mining companies – Kennecott Utah Copper, Kennecott Minerals Company, Kennecott Energy Company, Rio Tinto Borax and Luzenac America – that supply copper, gold, silver, coal, talc and borates to domestic and international markets. In 2004, she joined Rio Tinto Borax, the world leader in borate supply and science, as Manager of Global Government and External Affairs. In this role, Ms. Brown directed political strategy and policy development at the local and national levels in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.Prior to joining the Rio Tinto group, Ms. Brown served as Legislative Director, Environment and Regulatory Affairs, for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, widely regarded as the most influential business advocacy organization in the nation. Her experience also includes staff assignments on the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, with special focus on mineral, forest policy and public land issues.

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