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Moira Gunn is host of the radio programs "Tech Nation" and "BioTech Nation," aired by National Public Radio. "Tech Nation" episodes are normally based on an interview with the author of a science- or technology-related book. "BioTech Nation" is based on interviews with significant figures in the field of bio-technology, as well as regular discussions with science journalist David Ewing Duncan.

"Tech Nation" and "BioTech Nation" programs are also published as podcasts by IT Conversations.

Gunn's early career included work at NASA on large-scale scientific computation and global communications, with special emphasis in infrared satellite image processing, computational fluid dynamics, and global climate and weather modeling. She also did work in robotics engineering at IBM, Morton Thiokol, United Technologies/Pratt and Whitney, Lockheed-Martin, Rolls-Royce, and the US Navy.

Gunn has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Purdue University and an M.A. in computer science.

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