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Jake Orlowitz (User:Ocaasi) is an administrator on Wikipedia and has been a Wikipedia editor since 2007. He's made over 30,000 original edits to the site, and created new articles in the areas of biography, medicine, and international government. One of Jake's core focuses is outreach to new contributors-- developing a supportive social space for new editors called the Teahouse, and creating help guides and onboarding tutorials which distill skills and best practices. He founded The Wikipedia Library in 2012, an open research hub for top editors to gain access to reliable sources and to reference experts. As a Wikimedia Foundation Individual Engagement Grants recipient he continues to work on expanding The Wikipedia Library, and to create and develop an interactive game for learning how to edit called The Wikipedia Adventure. Jake also works on partnerships between Wikipedia and schools, organizations, companies, and cultural institutions. For the past year, Jake has been collaborating with Turnitin on a project to improve the detection of plagiarism and copyright violations on Wikipedia. He is also a board member for Wiki Project Med Foundation where he focuses on outreach to medical societies and universities. In 2013 he coordinated the first ever medical school course dedicated to improving Wikipedia for credit at the University of California San Francisco. Jake graduated Wesleyan University in 2005, and lives in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, where he works full-time on Wikipedia projects.

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Gamestorming Wikipedia: Experiments in Playful Onboarding

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