Speaker - Maarten Molenaar

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Maarten Molenaar is the manager of the Rabobank Gamification Hub, the virtual network from where he works to implement gamification as a ‘business as usual’ practice within this cooperative bank conglomerate that operates in over 48 countries and employees nearly 60,000 people. There are several gamification initiatives and projects within Rabobank and Maarten connects them with each other and supports them with the knowledge which is being build up by the Hub’s activities. Before Maarten started his work at Rabobank as a (project) manager he was a ‘new media and digital cultures’ student at the Utrecht University and graduated on the subject of serious gaming. In his current role he enjoys the opportunity to combine his passion for games with Rabobank’s goal to be a bank that aims to be a lifelong financial partner by supporting families and businesses with their financial activities. He believes gamification is the next chapter which fits in that service ideology.

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How a Bank Becomes Playful: Breaking a Lance for Games

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