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Kari Boiter is a Legislative Analyst at Americans For Safe Access, currently based in Washington State. Prior to her advocacy work, Kari spent three years at the Washington State Legislature and enjoyed a successful career in broadcast journalism. As a medical cannabis patient who struggles with a rare connective tissue disorder that is often crippling, she is determined to see safe, reliable access to affordable medicine become a reality in all 50 states, as well as the federal level. In the past 18 months, Kari has helped author and introduce three different legislative proposals in Washington State. In 2013, she was named ASA’s national “Medical Cannabis Patient Advocate of the Year” award for public outreach on behalf of federal defendants facing lengthy mandatory minimum prison terms for state-legal medical marijuana. In addition to her policy expertise, Kari has played a leading role as Media Coordinator and Strategic Advisor to the Kettle Falls Five, a family of medical marijuana patients who defiantly stood trial and was recently acquitted of nearly all federal drug trafficking charges. She has also served as a consultant for international media including The Guardian, CNN, TIME Magazine, USA Today, Washington Post, New York Times, Associated Press, Forbes, Al Jazeera America, Huffington Post, plus local newspaper and TV affiliates throughout the United States.

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