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In Paige’s journey to becoming a mother, she found that a lot of people would not talk about the grueling emotional toll that fertility issues take on a woman; and, even more so, the emotional toll that it takes on a couple that is going through the IVF process. So Paige decided to film her entire process to help other couples understand some of the challenges and the triumphs that you could encounter along the way. In her journey, Paige had the opportunity to go on the Ricki Lake show as an expecting mother in her 40’s. She also filmed an online commercial for a Little Remedies campaign, “Say Yes to Less Doubt”, where she and her husband talked about sacrificing material wealth and doing whatever it took to become parents. After 9 years, 4 miscarriages, 3 surgeries and countless “top” doctors and specialists, Paige was brought to her knees literally. As she sat down in prayer and meditation it was her intuition that she finally listened to and lead her to Dr Peyman Saadat, who found the correct diagnosis Paige was diagnosed with a rare missing gene that lead her to use an egg donor. Using a donor allowed her to give birth to her baby boy at the age of 45. In the letting go of what life was “suppose” to look like was finding grace and many miracles.

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Practical Solutions for Challenging Fertility Situations

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