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Julie began her career as an educator in suburban Chicago. Her broad background included production positions which allowed her to use her strong organizational and creative skills in the Corporate Communications industry. Her production experience, combined with her teaching skills and love of children led her to produce a successful video, Sing it Again!, a “Learn With Music Video” that combined music and movement for the young child. This video enjoyed a wide release, particularly to many libraries and classrooms across the country. Julie holds an MA in psychology, which has helped her to build strong communication skills, and a unique insight into people and their needs. She listens carefully as much for what is not said, as to what is said. She is also a trained mediator, continually developing skills including communication, active listening and the negotiation process. Julie’s leadership has been called upon to head up numerous fundraising and improvement projects with her children’s schools. Her gentle, caring approach to clients and surrogates make her a strong, yet safe touchstone in the sometimes challenging and confusing process of surrogacy. In particular, it is a priority for her to help prepare clients - on all levels – for the sometimes unpredictable journey of surrogacy. Now Julie brings her unique blend of skills to Abundant Beginnings – guiding and managing surrogacy cases for clients all over the world.

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Adapting to Missed Conceptions on Your Parenthood Journey

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