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David Pink currently leads the Crop Improvement group. He is responsible for the Defra-funded Crop Improvement programme at Warwick HRI. This is a multidisciplinary research programme in field vegetables (brassica, lettuce, leek and onion) and narcissus. In addition Dave currently has three projects funded by a number of breeding companies. He is also currently developing a research interest in industrial crops. Dave is a member of the scientific advisory committee of the British Beet Research Organisation, the Defra, Plant Varieties and Seeds Tribunal panel and the management group of the Oilseed RapE Genetic Improvement Network (OREGIN). He is also honorary lecturer at the Universities of Leicester and Birmingham. Dave's main research interest is the development of tools, resources and information to facilitate the improvement of quantitative traits of agronomic interest through the exploitation of natural allelic variation. This is done by the development of mapping populations and linkage maps in brassica and lettuce which are used to carry out QTL analysis for a range of traits.

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Perspectives on Breeding and Genetic Modification

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