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Dr. Gron is an expert in estimating commercial damages, assessing loss causation, and determining valuation in complex commercial litigation matters, including those that involve breach of contract, bankruptcy and fraudulent conveyance, auditor liability, merger or acquisition, patent infringement, insurance contracts, and insurance reserves. Prior to joining NERA, Dr. Gron was an Assistant Professor at the Kellogg School of Management, where she taught graduate courses in Business Strategy, Risk Management, and Microeconomics. Dr. Gron began her professional career as an Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business. She has testified in deposition and at trial.

Dr. Gron has deep expertise in the economics of the insurance industry both as an academic and consultant. She has worked on matters such as insurer insolvency, property-casualty insurance pricing, life insurance pricing, long-term care insurance pricing, insurance distribution market structure, broker compensation, homeowner claims payment, mortgage insurance payments, loss reserve adequacy, reinsurance issues, and claims allocation. She has worked on insurance class certification matters involving contract and claims payment disputes, and on matters involving claims of buyer power by insurers over service providers. In addition, Dr. Gron has analyzed market structure and competition issues in insurance brokerage, property casualty insurance, non-standard automobile insurance, variable annuities, and HMOs. She has published numerous research articles on insurance and risk management topics, and taught a graduate-level course on risk management and insurance.

Dr. Gron's experience in research, teaching, and consulting extends into other areas of applied microeconomics. She has also worked on matters in industries including mortgage financing, retail deposits, marketing databases, artificial joints, computer peripherals, beverage distribution, airlines, automotive repair, specialty retailing, and discount retailing. Her published research in the areas of competition and regulation includes work on automobile pricing, the impact of medical malpractice insurance costs on health care access, the nature of competition among health insurers, the impact of bank regulations on portfolio composition and growth, and the effect of bank loan portfolios on bank lending.

Dr. Gron has had a distinguished academic career, and her research has been published in the Rand Journal of Economics, the Journal of Law and Economics, the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, the Journal of Business, the Review of Economics and Statistics, the American Economic Review, the Journal of Financial Services Research, Regulation, the Journal of Financial Intermediation, and Health Affairs.

Dr. Gron received her PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with concentrations in industrial organization, regulation, and public finance. She received her BA in economics and computer science from Williams College.

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