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Marla McDaniel, PhD. is a senior research associate at the Urban Institute in the Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population. Her research focuses on racial disparities, low-income children and families, and the services and policy environments that touch their lives. She uses both quantitative and qualitative research methods and has directed several mixed-method studies and evaluations.

Her studies of children and youth have focused on low-income, disconnected, youth in foster care, and youth transitioning to adulthood. She is interested in the interconnection between vulnerabilities and how disparities across multiple domains, including health, education, and employment, have compounding effects on overall disparity. In recent work she has examined the differential employment outcomes for black and white high school graduates and dropouts. She is currently engaged in several projects focused on low-income men of color and interventions and barriers that affect men’s access to higher education and employment.

Marla McDaniel earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Swarthmore College, and worked as a case manager with youth in foster care ages 17-21 in Chicago Illinois before earning a doctorate in human development and social policy from Northwestern University.

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