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Deborah Pruitt, Ph.D. inspires and guides leaders and groups in creating a strong culture of collaboration proven to establish more productive and enriching ways of working together. Believing that every group is capable of greatness, she delivers practical and profound strategies for converting the untapped capabilities in any group into dramatic results. Participants in her programs describe life-changing experiences and sea-changes in their organizations. They gain momentum for their missions through more open and honest communication, they resolve old barriers to excellence and create a whole new vision for their work together as the result of establishing the habits of collaboration that Deborah calls “group alchemy.” Clients praise her distinctive combination of intellect, warmth and vision as well as her knack for translating cutting edge research into practical steps for breakthroughs in accomplishments. Dr. Pruitt discovered her innovative method, the formula for Group Alchemy, through her anthropological research into diverse cultures, twenty years of consulting with groups in education, healthcare and the social sector to increase performance, and an early career in sales and administration in the consumer electronics industry. She is the author of Group Alchemy: The Six Elements of Highly Successful Collaboration. Deborah earned her masters and doctorate degrees in anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley.

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Deborah Pruitt: Group Alchemy

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