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For 6 seasons, millions tuned into “Tori & Dean” and saw the couple’s good friends Bill Horn & Scout Masterson, who became affectionately known as “The Guncles” (Gay + Uncles) to Tori and Dean’s four adorable children – Liam, Stella, Hattie and Finn.

In 2009, fans tuned in to watch Bill and Scout exchange vows at a commitment ceremony planned by Spelling. And throughout Seasons 4 and 5, audiences saw the couple struggle with the emotional highs and lows of trying to adopt a child of their own. Season 5 ended in June 2010 with the news that the couple had found a birth mom. And soon after that season finale aired, the couple announced the birth of daughter Simone Lynn m Masterson-Horn. Season 6 opened in late November 2011 with the birth of Simone, making “The Guncles” the very first gay family with a child regularly appearing on a reality television show.

Since the completion of “Tori & Dean”, Bill and Scout have continued to share their lives with fans via social media and their blog ( and launched an adoption mentoring service charity, Hold My Hand. In 2012, Hold My Hand helped nearly 150 families with all areas of the adoption process. Bill and Scout are also involved with the non-profit Baby Buggy, which is dedicated to providing families in need with essential equipment, products, clothing, and services for their infants and children up to age 12.

Bill & Scout also run a successful boutique PR and marketing firm, Marque Communications, which specializes in baby and kids products and produces celebrity family events. They’ve built their offices on their home property so they can be close to Simone and see her throughout the day.

Next up? Bill and Scout recently announced plans to adopt a second child. They are currently preparing to start the process all over again and give Simone a much needed sibling.

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