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Brenda Strong is a two time Emmy Nominated Actress and two time SAG AWARD winner. She is currently on Dallas as Ann Ewing. She also has a successful line of Yoga Products for Women’s Health called Strong Yoga.

In early 2000, Brenda Strong was a sought-after yoga teacher and successful actress when she experienced fertility difficulties. She was struck by the hushed nature of this profoundly delicate subject that touches every single man and woman around the world. She was called to take action, developing the Strong Yoga®4Series to support and educate women and couples who dealt with fertility issues.

After becoming well known in her role as Mary Alice Young on the TV show Desperate Housewives in 2003, Brenda became the national spokes person for the American Fertility Association.

Over the last ten years Brenda Strong has quickly become a leader in the pursuit of bringing this topic into mainstream media. She is interviewed regularly for local and national news and media outlets. As a celebrity, she is humbled by the responsibility and cherishes the opportunity to represent a cause near and dear to her heart. She seeks to be an example of strength, living up to her name.

4 Programs

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