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Mike Carvin focuses on constitutional, appellate, civil rights, and civil litigation against the federal government. He has argued numerous cases in the United States Supreme Court and in virtually every federal appeals court. These cases include the recent constitutional challenge to the Affordable Care Act and the decisions invalidating Sarbanes-Oxley's accounting board, preventing the Justice Department from obtaining monetary relief against the tobacco industry under RICO, overturning the federal government's plan to statistically adjust the census, limiting the Justice Department's ability to create "majority-minority" districts, and upholding Proposition 209's ban on racial preferences in California.

2 Programs

King v. Burwell: Affordable Care Act's Latest Challenge

03.11.15 | 01:00:17 min | 0 comments

The 20th Annual Edward Brodsky Legal Conference

03.11.14 | 01:55:34 min | 0 comments