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Becca O’Brien, a senior engagement manager with McKinsey & Company, specializes in strategy development and in sustainable performance transformation through process redesign, capability building and culture change. During her tenure at McKinsey, Ms O’Brien has served governmental, academic, non-profit and Fortune-500 private sector clients, with particular focus on national and regional governments and public agencies. In 2012, she led teams developing needs assessment methodology and multi-year recovery road maps for states affected by Superstorm Sandy and a research project on the exposure of global population and economic growth to resource stress and environmental hazards. In 2010, she co-led a team providing support to Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive and former U.S. President Bill Clinton in the design and launch of a new agency to coordinate Haiti’s recovery from the January 11 earthquake. She is McKinsey’s expert on effective management of medium- to long-term disaster recovery.

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State of the States Policy Summit

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