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Avik Roy is a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute. In 2012, Roy served as a health care policy adviser to Mitt Romney. He is editor and principal author of “The Apothecary,” the influential Forbes blog on health care policy and entitlement reform. MSNBC's Chris Hayes calls the book "one of the best takes from conservatives on that set of issues." Ezra Klein of the Washington Post calls “The Apothecary” one of the few "blogs I disagree with [that] I check daily."

In addition, Roy writes a weekly column for National Review Online on politics and policy. He is a frequent guest on television news programs, including appearances on Fox News, Fox Business, MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, PBS, and HBO. His work has also appeared in The Atlantic, USA Today, National Affairs, and The American Spectator, among other publications.

At the Manhattan Institute, Roy's research interests include the Affordable Care Act, universal coverage, entitlement reform, international health systems, and FDA policy. Roy is the founder of Roy Healthcare Research, an investment research firm in New York. Previously, he served as an analyst and portfolio manager at Bain Capital, J.P. Morgan, and other firms.

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The Nation Needs the Affordable Care Act

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