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Eros Hoagland has worked as an independent photojournalist and documentary photographer since 1994. He has concentrated on the exploration of countries and peoples immersed in cycles of violence across the globe. Assignments and personal projects have taken him to El Salvador, Colombia, Iraq and Afghanistan. His current work centers around U.S.-Mexico border issues, particularly the effects and causes of organized crime in Mexico and throughout Latin America. As well as documenting the political climate and social impact of conflict, Hoagland looks for an emotional and visceral narrative when approaching reportage projects. Themes are just as important as issues in Hoagland’s photography. Subtleties are never overlooked as he conveys a feeling of place, character and a larger historical perspective to his viewers. Hoagland’s regular clients include The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, der Spiegel, and the Times of London. He was also featured in the 2012 HBO documentary series “Witness.” Hoagland is a California native who spends his free time surfing and diving the frigid waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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