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Dr. Benjamin L. Carp is associate professor of early American history at Tufts University. He is the author of Defiance of the Patriots: The Boston Tea Party and the Making of America (2010), and Rebels Rising: Cities and the American Revolution (2007), and co-editor of Major Problems in the Era of the American Revolution, 1760-1791. He has written for scholarly journals as well as BBC History, Colonial Williamsburg, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post, and he has appeared on BBC1, C-SPAN2, C-SPAN3, and the Discovery Channel.

2 Programs

Teapot in a Tempest: The Boston Tea Party of 1773

10.24.13 | 00:44:55 min | 0 comments

The Global Tea Party

10.24.13 | 00:53:41 min | 0 comments