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Wesley Chan is a fun-loving entrepreneur and joined the Google Ventures team in 2009. Wesley is based out of Seattle, WA. As an early employee at Google, Wesley helped to start, launch, and grow Google Analytics and Google Voice — products which millions of users depend on worldwide.

Wesley is a recipient of Google’s founder award — the company’s most prestigious recognition — for leading the development of Google Toolbar and building out Google’s early client efforts. Wesley also holds nine US Patents from his work on starting the business for targeted display advertising at Google.

Additionally, Wesley has held positions as a research lead at HP Labs, a program manager at Microsoft, and holds both master’s and bachelor’s degrees in computer science and electrical engineering from MIT where he did his graduate research at the Media Laboratory. He was selected as a “Top 35 Under 35” innovator by Technology Review magazine in 2010.

Given his diverse background, Wesley’s investments at Google Ventures includes companies that address markets in software and web services, mobile, biotech, cleantech.

In his spare time, Wesley also serves as Google’s chief photographer emeritus. His favorite camera is the Canon EOS-5D Mark II.

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