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Dolan Cummings is research and editorial director at the IoI. He edits the IoI's reviews website, Culture Wars and is a co-convener of the yearly Battle of Ideas festival, next taking place in London in October 2007. Cummings's interests lie in the relationship between ideas and politics, the role of the intellectual, ideology, and religion in public life. He is especially interested in the question of intellectual authority and how it is contested. Cummings firmly believes that politics should start from the needs and passions of the public, and that this puts a premium on open debate and free speech. Most recently he has edited a collection of essays, Debating Humanism by contributors to the Battle of Ideas 2005. His interest in the role of intellectuals builds on Ideas, Intellectuals and the Public, a conference he organized in 2003.

7 Programs

Battle of Ideas: Learning Jargonese

11.02.08 | 00:42:55 min | 0 comments

Battle of Ideas: Capitalism – What Is it Good For?

11.01.08 | 01:33:35 min | 3 comments

Battle of Ideas: Your Culture or Mine?

11.01.08 | 01:33:19 min | 0 comments

Is Religion Still the Opium of the Masses?

03.06.08 | 01:56:26 min | 2 comments

Battle of Ideas: Turn That Racket Off

10.27.07 | 01:26:12 min | 0 comments

Each to his iPod, or Great Music for All?

10.27.07 | 01:24:14 min | 0 comments

From Star Wars to the Battle of Ideas

05.03.07 | 01:05:09 min | 2 comments