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Christopher Mims is the science and technology correspondent for Quartz. He believes that the most interesting things about the universe have yet to be discovered, and that technology is the primary driver of cultural change. He is often surprised and delighted by what people will say on record.

He is a former editor at Seed, Scientific American, Technology Review, Grist and Smithsonian, and in those roles launched blogs, redesigns, video series and other half-forgotten but otherwise influential experiments in new media.

As a freelancer with the news metabolism of a hummingbird, he spent a decade writing news and analysis for the aforementioned, as well as BBC, Wired, Nature and the like. His Japanese is mostly regional slang, and sounds funny to people from Tokyo. He had a brief but varied stint in a neuroscience lab, during which he came to appreciate that research is hard, and all results are preliminary until other scientists have reproduced them -- and sometimes not even then.

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